Anindya Nath


4+ years of working Experience | 4 marketing Certification

Marketing is a continuous learning process…..



  • Team management.
  • Workflow management.
  • Website auditing.
  • Keyword research & planning.
  • Competitor website analysis.
  • Technical SEO audit.
  • Off-page & Outreach.
  • Graphic design.
  • Website design.

Content Writing:

My expertise in writing is mostly in Digital Marketing & Computer Science field. But I do have the required experience in other Niches. I started content writing in Exaalgia as an in-house for Exaalgia’s website but I practice more often.

How it helped me?

Practicing content writing is helping me to understand how to create a content framework, outline the content,  what are Piller content, clusters, content hierarchy, content tiering, the intent of the content, tone & language of the content.

Content Optimization:

Blogs & landing page content (on-page). Writing quality content is not enough we have to optimize it. It is an important factor in SEO.

How it helped me?

Provided me with a better understanding of how the content flow works, where to place an internal link, CTAs, placement & assigning of heading tags (H1, H2, etc), why TOC is important, adding bullets, how different schema works, placement and importance of images, design of the content.

  • Research & Analysis: Managed to do a competitor analysis and market research, and based on the data managed to build a strategy for the projects.
  • Working with Dev Team: Worked with the Dev team to solve or fix tech issues, website design, color & structure issues.
  • Content marketing: Creating a content funnel to generate leads and working on different platforms like Quora, Medium.com, Pinterest, etc to run content marketing campaigns.
  • Reporting: Worked with docs, excel & data studio (now looker studio) to generate reports for clients and self-assessment of the projects.
  • Website Designing: Managed to practice website design in WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Googles Sites, and other website builders.
  • Graphic Designing: Managed to work on the Canva tool to create social media posts and infographics.
  • Team Management: I have managed to handle a team with 4-5 members.

Tech SEO:

Interesting & Difficult at the same time.

How it helped me?

Practicing Tech SEO helped me a lot to understand website structure, crawlability issues, page errors like 301, 404, 5xx, etc, canonical issues, working of sitemap and robots.txt, mobile indexing issues, page speed issues, coverage & indexing issues among many other issues.

Website Analysis:

Gathering information for a website is among the most important things in SEO. It is also deeply associated with content and Tech SEO audits.

How it helped me?

Analyzing websites helps me understand the structure & flow of the website, understanding link structure, metadata, keywords, URL structure, the density of the keywords, top pages of the website, understanding of the backlink profile, & structured data.

Off-Page Activity:

Getting tough every day.

How it helped me?

I got to understand how outbound links affect websites, follow & do-follow links, and how various blogs, PR, articles, citations, business listing, images listing, etc website works. Also got to know about bad links, DA, PA, and DR of websites, TLD sites, and how Q&A can solve users’ issues and help websites, pinching authors, HARO, and more.


Tools that I used so far with many more to come….

  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Bing Webmaster
  • Uber Suggest
  • Keyword.io
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Insights
  • Surfer SEO
  • Jasper.ai
  • Grammarly
  • Canva
  • Semrush
  • Ahref
  • Moz
  • Screaming Frog
  • Looker Studio


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