What are some of the best SEO techniques?

Here are a few SEO Techniques that can be used.

Already you have many awesome answers but here are a few simple SEO tips that might help you:

1. Technical SEO

-Create friendly URLs.

-Check your website load time

-Use internal links (Connect your blogs with internal links)

-Use external links

2. Write Onsite blog-

-Write onsite blogs with relevant topics to your niche.

-Write more than 1500+ words

-Use some form of infographics images and other images (relevant)

-Use human language: Don’t write your blog for google but write it for readers. Use conversational language and long-tail keywords. This will help google to understand easily about content and using conversational language will help you to improve on voice search.

-Use tag, caption, and name on your images.

-Avoid grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.

3. Branding

-While doing off-page, make sure to create a profile. This will help you with name-based branding.

-Use the logo and header whenever possible.

-Use relevant forum sites and be active on threads.

4. Use social media

-Use social media not just for getting a backlink but to gain user trust and community buildup.

-Use Q&A sites trying to solve people’s problems

-Represent your brand on social media.

Note: Social Media doesn’t exactly fall under SEO but if done properly it will help your brand to recognize.

EndNote: These are some of the basic SEO optimizations you can do. Remember SEO takes time to show results you have to have patience.

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