LinkedIn Posts Design [With 900+ post clicks and 6000+ Impressions]

Started to work on a very new project with 0 followers. 

My task is to create some engaging content to reach initial (organic) impressions and followers.

Industry РMarketing & Advertising 

My tasks:

  1. Understanding of the project and its audience.
  2. Research competitors and their posts.
  3. Write content for the posts.
  4. Design the posts.
  5. Publish the posts.
  6. Monitor post analytics and time of engagement.

Quick Points:

  1. Begin to work on a new LinkedIn company account with 0 followers.
  2. Created a basic plan to start with informative posts.
  3. Planned to post 1 graphic – single or carousel 3-4 days a week.

Here are some designs (dummies) that were published on the main profile:

Here are some notable analytics for last 15 days posts:

  • March 2024 data


In the last 15-20 days of posting we have gained about –

  • 280% in search appearance.
  • 231.6% of unique visitors.
  • 27,772.7% of impressions.

This is still in the experimenting phase, making changes, and researching, with continuous working we expect to see some good results in the coming months.

Check out more documentation and case study of my work: